The 81 Stops

I’ve mapped out a tentative map of the shape of the tour:

osborne park wa to osborne park, western australia 6017 – google maps

It’s roughly three sections:

  1. Perth to Alice Springs via the Great Central Road
  2. South from Alice Springs to Port Lincoln via the Oodnadatta Track 
  3. Return to Perth via the Great Australian Bight

Having done some preliminary research, I have some concerns about the Crime in Alice Springs, particularly the bit in the Alice Springs Wikipedia entry where it says:

Youth crime is a serious problem in Alice Springs, especially at night when large numbers of youths wander the streets of the town unsupervised, committing assaults and burglaries, vandalising property and throwing rocks at moving vehicles.

But I figure we’ll need to pick up some supplies after travelling the Larapinta Drive. Let’s just hope that Wikipedia is totally inaccurate/out of date on that score.

26 Jan (Australia Day) – Last night I dreamt we stopped at Whyalla, where there was a fork in the road, one road continuing along lush bushland, the other heading up into the hills. So I guess I have to make sure Whyalla is one of our stops to see if it looks anything like my dream – I do hope not. Incidentally, I comprehensively celebrated Australia Day today by putting on my Spike Milligan CD and singing along to Australia. The family was not amused. Incidentally, the “Australian” voices in this song – i.e. the bulk of it – were done by the great John Bluthal, who only died recently (November 2018). A long-time associate of Spike’s, I think his (with Spike’s fellow Goon Peter Sellers) is the finest rendition of the “Does Your Dog Bite?” gag, from The Pink Panther Strikes Again. Bluthal lived in Melbourne from 1938 aged 9 until 1949, so that would explain his Australian accent credibility.


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